A 3D lenticular print can be viewed just like an 'ordinary' print. You do not need a special viewing device to see the 3D effect. The 3D print, however, is specially produced by a complicated process to achieve this degree of reality. On the surface of the print is a laminated layer of many tiny, parallel cylindrical lenses. The array is so dense that it is very difficult to discern the grating. One downside of lenticular prints is that perceived clarity is usually less than you see on an ordinary print. But, that depends on how closely these long lenses are packed. Today, technology is advanced far enough that clarity of the 3D prints is very acceptable. With the added benefit of 3D, they can be absolutely surprising. Of course, there are those who have contrary opinions, afterall that can be said about anything and any topic. You, personally, have to be the judge. Try searching for lenticular and revel in the info you gather.

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