DDDPHOTO 3D, 2D Photography ,,, and more!

The 3D illusion when viewing images presented in the third dimension, manifests like real world visual experiences!

(*Parallel View*)
(stare past images: 3D is central of three in visual field)
(watch logs coalesce, as eyes relax)

[Oregon Cascades]

Scott Lake (Oregon)

Enjoy the awe, art and poetry of stereo photography. This site is intended to be entertaining and educational. As well, it provides a few refreshing moments from the fast pace of Internet trekking.

Although the photographic focus is on 3D scenic photography, you will also find 3D and 2D images of other varieties. Mixed with this are a few sideline non-photographic excerpts.

The site will be dynamic, so check back often to view more treasures.

  • My 3D Gallery
  • My 2D Gallery
  • A Discussion On Stereo Photography
  • How To Parallel Free View
  • Lenticular Prints
  • 3D Animation
  • Philosophy
  • Apparently there are animals with the genetic potential to live forever.
  • Mind Power
  • Ultimate grip strength development
  • Grip Animation
  • 'Wholesome' words (some of which have, unfortunately, been labeled archaic) words.
  • Neat link to GHeil's 3D page




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